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valentines day botox specialBotox® special at Northville Novi Family Medicine!

Get Botox® before Valentine’s Day, call for details (248) 946-4905!

Botox® can be used to erase wrinkles from your forehead area and around your eyes. The results typically last from 3-4 months. It is not permanent; and its effects will be most beneficial if you consistently get it done 3-4 times per year. It can also be used for non-cosmetic purposes, such as to treat medical conditions like chronic migraines; blepharospasm (involuntary eyelid movements); and cervical dystonia.

Dr. Dooley is a board-certified medical doctor (MD) who has extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the face and has completed comprehensive cosmetic training. Please call us at 248-946-4905 if you would like to schedule a free consultation.